February 23, 2008

Craziest Butler/Gableman blog post yet

WARNING! Begin quoted material:
Tom Kamenick, a law school friend of mine, hair loss certainly meets that standard with the below piece offered in light of last night 8217 s heavenly happenings. Setting up and displaying your link for pharmacy members to visit is fast and simple. The people, furious at the way they were treated after their good-faith cooperation, chafed at these demands and cried out against them. Tramadol 180 :: Try us and You will Not be Dissapointed! Yesterday the campaign of Justice Louis Butler refused to sign a clean campaign pledge offered by the Judge Mike Gableman. - Get paid to visit our advertiser's websites. The primitive unbelievers, not understanding the science of natural climate cycles, were terrified, celebrex and promised to sacrifice even more of their property and lifestyles.
End quoted material.

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illusory tenant said...

From: Blog administrator
Date: 2/23/08 12:02 p.m.
To: Anonymous
Subject: Comment received

Dear friend,

Thank you for your interest in illusory tenant and also for taking the time to submit the thoughtful comment. Unfortunately your contribution cannot be accepted at this time, as it stands in violation of administrative protocols including, but not limited to, the following:

03. Non-germane to subject matter
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21. Contains daft twattery

Please do not reply to this message, nor go away mad. Just go away.

Have a blessed day,

Other Side said...

May we use the same protocols at Whallah? I suspect similar violations were being made at about the same time.

AutismNewsBeat said...

Hello and Peace Be Upon You! Allow me to introduce of myself as I am the former High Honorable Minister of Culture and Finance for the People's Republic of Benin, Obuku Butler Gableman III.

illusory tenant said...


Display Name said...

"Is it any wonder that Milwaukee has come to rival Chicago in terms of the level of political corruption? You might be able to engage in that behavior with your fellow trolls over on your forum, but not here. Well, the I-Team from WTMJ-TV (Channel 4) takes a look at the absolute waste of tax dollars intended for actual teaching and learning on such things as travel for educrats and other employees of Milwaukee Public Schools to lavish conferences. Call this … The Mouse That Roared. Or a fart in a hurricane. have public school districts in Chicago and Detroit constructing prayer rooms and waiving school rules for student jihadists to engage in their prayer ritual. And that problem raised its head in the Democrats’ debate the other night, when in a sharp break from the echo chamber, Sen. Christopher Dodd, the Ol’ Sheriff of Dodd City, sharply opposed Spitzer’s plan and the questions came around to Shrillary as to where she stood on on the issue. Kathleen Parker has a brilliant column on The Smartest Woman Who Ever Lived playing the victim card."

Is it real or is it faked text for spammers?

illusory tenant said...

Either way, my main man Ralph makes them all look like hippies, socialists, and surrender monkeys.

AutismNewsBeat said...

Please, tell me Ralph is satire. Because I don't think I can live another day knowing there are people like that.

illusory tenant said...

Hard to tell, isn't it? Part of me hopes it's parody but the other part wants it not to be. Some of the comments are equally -- if not more -- hilarious, by the way.