January 3, 2008

Jesus stays on as Huckabee advisor

Tim Hutchinson, an erstwhile U.S. Senator from Arkansas and Mike Huckabee supporter, turned up on "Hardball" with Chris Matthews last night to shed some light on Huckabee's comical press conference Monday, at which the candidate vowed not to run negative ads against Mitt Romney — and then went ahead and ran one anyway.

Hutchinson both defended and explained Huckabee's strategery, which provoked laughter from the gathered ink-stained cynics, saying it was the result of "a bit of prayer."

Even Faux News's Fred Barnes picked up on the passive-aggressive hypocrisy:
The most peculiar thing about it is what was in the harshest language in the ad was Huckabee accusing Romney of being dishonest. Well, Huckabee has gone on to say that elsewhere in public.

I don't know. Is it just ads that Iowans are mad about? If you say it in person, it's OK? I'm not sure. Iowans can be strange when it comes to politics.
So can Jesus, apparently, who is either adept at sleazy politics or else attempting to sabotage Huckabee's bid for the presidency. Yet Jesus makes a personal appearance in Huckabee's latest "positive" ad as a stylized fish on a blackboard.

Tim Hutchinson is another one of these self-styled "pro-family" Christians, a former preacher and graduate of Bob Jones University, who divorced his wife of 29 years and married a Congressional aide. It's unclear what advice Jesus imparted on that matter.

"Go for it dude," presumably.

In related Republican Saviour news, another Republican Saviour, Fred Thompson, is expected to deep six his campaign if he ends up sucking hind tit in Iowa tonight. John McCain is said to be preparing an extra bunk on the Straight Talk Express for Thompson to sleep in.

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