January 8, 2008

A reminder for the blog "Warrior"

Further to this episode, a memory jog for Prof. McAdams:

Since then immediately published but awaiting moderation.

McAdams appears to have had occasion to assemble a number of his trademark cantankerous ditherings since four days ago, but hasn't quite found a moment to engage the challenge of supporting his accusations of "naked anti-Christian bigotry." Of course he won't find any such "bigotry" here, let alone anything to conform with his outlandish "black guy at a Klan rally" analogy, but you'd think he'd at least have the gumption to admit he was very, very mistaken.

He wouldn't be much of a "blog Warrior" otherwise, would he.

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capper said...

Well, he has moderated it. Still hasn't responded, but he has your comment up.