January 6, 2008

Other Side of His Dugout

One of my intarnets buddies, T.R., proprietor of a blog called The Other Side Of My Mouth, has completely (and surprisingly, to me at least) revamped his virtual presence. Now it's going to be all about baseball, which is cool, but I must say I'm going to miss his politically minded shenanigans and hilarious photoshopping.

His last on topic missive, this one, was just about the funniest thing I'd seen all weekend (I watched an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm last night). But, I can certainly understand all that jazz getting tiring. Best of luck with the new format, T.R., and I'll continue to keep checking in. Might even get interested in baseball again.

1 comment:

Other Side said...

Thanks much. I'll still post at Whallah on occasion as I retain watering hole rights. And who knows, a new blog might resurface.

But baseball makes me happy and that's more important!