January 15, 2008

I like him just fine!

JANE HAMPDEN: What other blogs do you read — and do you respect — that are Milwaukee- or Wisconsin-based?

RICK ESENBERG: Although I don't think he likes me very much, there's a lawyer blogger named illusory tenant who I kinda get a kick out of.
In the unlikely event my disembodied voice was afforded the opportunity, I'd certainly return the accolade, and the generous plug.


Anonymous said...

I guess you really are the champagne of hate blogs.

illusory tenant said...

Shhh ... don't let anybody know I'm really all about the love.

Other Side said...

This is so sweet.

capper said...

Ah, as your Liege, I must commend you, my Royal Barrister. Tis time that you receive due recognition. Truly, thou art the Lord of Liberalism and Law of the Hate Left!

The King has spoken.