January 8, 2008

"Conservative" = "fascist"

Remember when some clown wrote a book claiming liberals are just the same as fascists? Well, it's really the other way around, according to the "doyenne" of conservative blogs, Michelle Malkin.

Yesterday, apparently, on the occasion of Smilin' Bill Kristol's inaugural regular appearance in the New York Times, Malkin got a tip o' the hat from Kristol, for something or other. I had heard that the column was about Mike Huckabee, but since Kristol has been wrong about practically everything for years, who cares?

As a matter of fact, it turns out Kristol was even wrong about the quote he'd misattributed to Malkin; it was actually uttered by crazed movie reviewer/crypto-creationist Michael Medved.

Even so, M. Malkin thinks that was nice for Kristol to have mentioned her, because, she claims, the only time her name ever appears on the NYT op-ed page is for somebody to call her a fascist. Except somebody else queried and found: "conservative blogger," mostly, and at worst, "right-wing pundit" within the 24 hits he got back.

So, there you have it: "conservative blogger" = "fascist." And that's according to the "doyenne" of conservative blogs, who should know.

(Also, I learned Michelle Malkin actually wrote a book called, "In Defense of Internment," so maybe that's what she means by "calling me a fascist": mentioning her book. That would make sense.)

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Anonymous said...

She must have finally gotten around to read some of the local right wing media's squawking. Nothing new to us, n'est-ce pas?