January 29, 2008

Butler / Gableman call-in

UWM Journalism student Kyle Duerstein has scored a radio interview with Justice Louis Butler and Judge Michael Gableman, slated to begin this afternoon at 4:30 (that's Central Standard Time [UTC-6] for all you devoted readers at the Deutscher Bundestag).

The live broadcast will be available here, from the looks of it.

Call in and ask Judge Gableman how come he ruled to deny insurance coverage to a 14-year girl who was thrown from a vehicle and severely injured in April, 2002.

Meanwhile, Gableman has received the endorsement of our friend, the Republican Congressman and dedicated historical revisionist, Paul Ryan. Said Ryan: "Wisconsin voters can trust the Judge Gableman won’t look for loopholes for criminals to crawl through.”

Don't look at me, that's what it says at Gableman's webpage.

[Please visit the iT Butler/Gableman archive.]


Display Name said...

Interesting program! I had no idea that Gableman was once narrator for several humorous Wonderful World of Disney movies about the Old West, and it was great to know he'd be glad to return to his earlier job as an MPS substitute teacher.

I was very glad to hear that Gableman doesn't want to live in a totalitarian state and that he feels he has a sacred doodie. Gableman talks a lot about a "fair shake" especially for law enforcenment officers. Is that a legal term? Why hasn't Esenberg mentioned this yet?

Butler sounds too reasonable. He's clearly one of those "intellectual" types like Linda Clifford, so obviously WMC should tell us to elect Gableman, especially because Gableman says he doesn't really know how he feels or thinks about these interest groups influencing this race. And Gableman called Butler a liberal, so all right-thinking upright citizens will know how to vote in this non-partisan election.

illusory tenant said...

A liberal and an activist, just in case liberal doesn't put too fine a point on it.