January 4, 2008

The blog Warrior

I notice from one of the widgets that the esteemed Marquette University professor and self-appointed internets "warrior" John McAdams has linked to this here blog as an example of "raw anti-Christian bigotry." Apparently McAdams came across the website of Richard Dawkins, and found a comment string attached to some article, containing something or other McAdams finds objectionable.

I can only imagine what, since I haven't bothered to read it. Frankly, what offends John McAdams interests me not at all.

But I know Richard Dawkins primarily for his brilliant writings on evolutionary biology, and not so much as a "famous atheist," which is how McAdams describes him. Further to the comment string at Dawkins's website, McAdams hallucinates:
But the comments aren't that different from opinions expressed in the liberal blogosphere in Wisconsin. Check particularly Hermes' Journeys and Illusory Tenant.
Particularly! Almost needless to say, McAdams's hopeless attempt to smear me as a "bigot" made me laugh out loud, so I deposited the following in his own thread:
Oy vey, such laughable histrionics and hyperbole. I challenge you to cite an instance of "raw anti-Christian bigotry" on my blog.

Anybody who's read it knows that I'm a non-subscriber to superstition and fairy tales, which I've characterized as exactly that. Big deal. That's hardly "bigotry," raw or cooked.

Additionally, any intelligent observer — like, for example, a university professor — will notice that my criticisms are directed at those who use religion for political, financial, or other material ends.

I've also criticized those who hide their religion for political purposes, e.g., the latest incarnation of creationists.

I probably have more respect for the admonitions attributed to Jesus than most so-called Christians, certainly those hypocrites one encounters in the press and online on a nearly daily basis.

If I recall correctly, Jesus wasn't a real big fan of hypocrites either. So, think of me as doing the Lord's Work.
McAdams certainly hasn't gotten any less ridiculous lately.

P.S. I still harbor a profound disappointment that no local wingnut publicized my misogyny/misandry/what-have-you for depicting Ann Coulter trundling her enormous testicles around in a wheelbarrow.

P.P.S. Oh look, Patrick McIlheran's favorite wingnut blogger describes Mike Huckabee's Christian supporters as "simple minded idiots" on the grounds they are Christians favoring a Christian.

*McCrickets chirping*


Jennifer Rouan said...

Wow! You're like famous and junk.

illusory tenant said...

Yes, I'll probably get an extra two or three hits thanks to McAdams.