January 29, 2008

A pox on WisPolitics.com

WisPolitics.com, which touts itself as "Wisconsin's Premier Political News Service," somehow managed to crank out 20 paragraphs (short ones, granted) on this afternoon's online encounter between Justice Louis Butler and Judge Michael Gableman without once invoking the name of the young man who moderated the debate.

His name is Kyle Duerstein, a student in UWM's Journalism program, and he acquitted himself impressively well throughout the 75-minute broadcast, in addition to performing an important and innovative public service, for which I assume he received no remuneration.

Surely he at least merits a mention, by name.

Duerstein's own blog is here. Just because the selection of links on his blogroll is indicative of a disturbingly horrific propensity toward conservative politics doesn't mean he deserves to be snubbed.

UPDATE: WisPolitics has since credited young Mr. Duerstein for his exemplary performance. Now if WisPolitics will periodically add this here blog to its daily "editorial links," all will be right with The World.


Jay Bullock said...

WisOpinion will not link to anonymous editorials/ op-eds. No anonymous bloggers, no unsigned newspaper editorials, no scratchings above the urinals at the Capitol--unless Kevin Fischer signs his name to them.

illusory tenant said...

Yeah I figgered as much. Well, they don't know what they're missing!