January 4, 2008

Even I'm beginning to feel sorry for her

And especially for her kids.
By about 10:30 p.m., six police cars, two ambulances and a fire truck had entered the gated community that includes Spears' house.
Then Britney Spears, who "appeared to be conscious" to reporters, was rolled out of her home on a gurney en route to hospitalization for alcohol and drug testing. How ... unseemly.

And a client really has to work at getting fired by her attorneys (again), especially when the deep pockets of said client reportedly contain something in the neighborhood of $150 million.

Some lawyers could retire off that account.


grumps said...

Why, oh why, do you bloggers always have to drag their kids into it?

I mean, what does a "Custody Stand-off" have to do with her kids? I...

Never mind. Sorry for the interruption.

illusory tenant said...