November 5, 2009

Shorter Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III

'Justice Butler, I couldn't be bothered actually reading any of these Wisconsin Supreme Court opinions of yours interpreting Wisconsin law, but could you explain to me how come this one law professor guy in Baltimore who you probably never even heard of didn't like them?'

'Also, why did you lose an election by 51 to 49, a two-to-one margin?'

I guess they don't call him The Ranking Member for nothing.

I don't know whether or not I should be surprised by a United States Senator from Alabama attempting to initiate a discussion on the opinions of a Wisconsin court he hasn't even read. Probably not.

Senator Sessions might consider engaging in some research beyond simply skimming the editorial page of the Washington Moonie Times.

If he's too busy, then maybe resist making himself appear foolish. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel calls Jefferson B. Sessions's inquiries "pointed." I call them embarrassing and woefully ill-informed.

Which is sort of the opposite of pointed.

More seriously, I was pleased to hear both Justice Butler and Senator Russ Feingold make reference to a fact that was raised at this space one month ago, that Butler won the aggregate vote in the 44 counties which comprise the federal Western District of Wisconsin.

Well played, gentlemen. Ditto to Senator Patrick Leahy for making the record that the other contestant in the referenced election remains accused by the Wisconsin Judicial Commission of lying.

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