November 17, 2009

An early prediction

This one's a no-brainer:
State Rep. Mark Gundrum (R-New Berlin) said Friday that he is running for Waukesha County circuit judge and will challenge incumbent Judge Richard Congdon in the April 6 election.

Judge Congdon was appointed to the bench in January, 2009 by Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle.
Gundrum in a cakewalk.

New Berlin's Linda Richter:
Gundrum said he would be a judge who would follow the rule of law and not impose his own views.
However, in the very next paragraph:
"I think it would be good to have a person with a solid conservative view of the law in there," Gundrum said.
Uh, that sounds like politician double-speak.
Of course it is. That's how he's going to win. And it's how Randy Koschnick scored 60% of the vote in Waukesha County last April.

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Anonymous said...

They're big on Justice over there, unless, of course you're Scott Jensen. Then a loophole would suffice, thank you very much.