November 12, 2009

More like interdependent groups

Harris Kane and Cory Leibmann have intriguing tales to tell.

Grassroots work up a sweat in one of the MAC's pools

Sean Duffy is a Republican candidate for the United States Congress. You may have seen him on MTV's The Real World: Boston. I mean, I didn't, but you may have (I was probably watching Rock of Love 3).

Duffy was preceded as district attorney in Ashland County by Michael Gableman, who was appointed circuit judge in 2002 by Republican governor Scott McCallum, and who also appointed Sean Duffy.

Gableman went on to preside over thousands of uncontested traffic tickets in Burnett County.*

Gableman lost Ashland County in the 2008 spring election after Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce spent nearly two million dollars underwriting the judge's "crime fighting agenda." Gableman recently approved revised rules of judicial ethics authored by WMC.**

* Actual Gableman campaign claim.
** But, thankfully, not the one he stands accused of violating.


Display Name said...

Holy cats. "The Real World: D.C." I wonder who his room-mates will be.

Do the demographics of the Seventh lean young and Internet-savvy? Because the dial-up in Sawyer County might not be able to handle this web in human-scale time. Will the UW-SP students regard "The Real World" of their childhood as fondly as any boomer regards "The Brady Bunch" and therefore want to vote for him?

Facebook frames, blog and YouTube channel, Flash picture galleries, Tiger Beat pics, loves Butterfinger Blizzards, Google Maps mashups, dynamic form submission and Google Analytics, webhost a Chicago guy named Zac (with no 'k' or 'h'), let's "Roll with Sean", clear deliberate lack of contraception combined with support for tripling the per-child tax credit, while encouraging tax-free overtime so you can spend even less time with your children yet be able to afford them, and I never thought I'd see the day, but we can literally say "Logrolling In Our Time ."

And his bio is, like, so misleading, because, like, it gives the impression that he met Rachel on, like, "The Real World: San Francisco" when we all know he met her through, you know, spin-off "Road Rules: All Stars", long after she'd lost her crush on Puck (Puck? Really.) and hooked up with the producer of the show. And OMG, his wife is best known for hating Pedro Zamora and for trying out for the role of token conservative on The View, now played by Elisabeth Hasselbeck, although she has filled-in for her. Did you know she's fanatic about the kids eating their porridge and hates Hannah Montana?

So I guess in some small way, we can blame Sean for the way that Music Television stopped playing Music. This is comedy gold, all around. How could one not stop being polite and start getting real?

Harris forgot to mention blogger James Wigderson's role in the Wilcox violations.

James Wigderson said...

Again, I'm not sure what my role in an independent GOTV effort 12 years ago has to do with anything, why it has become such a fixation with John Foust, or even why Harris Kane refused to allow me to respond when I was attacked in his comments section, but I discussed the postcard mailing at length here: