November 12, 2009

Just imagine the other 149

Supporter of local politician mortified by "publicity grab"
If there is one thing about Neumann’s latest publicity grab this sort of reminds me in last year’s Wisconsin Democratic Presidential Primary in which Hillary Clinton was desperate to get a debate against Barack Obama.
Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama since failed in their Democratic bids to become President of Wisconsin.
It ain’t no joke website here especially with me being named best blogger of the 2009 Americans for Prosperity National Defending the American Dream Summit. I competed with over 150 different blogs across the nation to win the award.
The AFP's national bestest blogger is therewith attacking GOP gubernatorial candidate Mark Neumann on "career politician" grounds in defense of Neumann's rival Scott Walker. Mr. Walker's photograph appears in the dictionary under "career politician."

Beg your pardon, "public servant."
Walker has had ... 16 years experience as a public servant.

The reason why Neumann is a career politician because he has spent four years with the party establishment against conservative values.
h/t, whose standards slipped a notch yesterday.

Pictured: Scott Walker delivers a fiery non-political speech on the importance of completing post-secondary education to an audience of two million tea ceremonialists in Milwaukee, September 19, 2009.


Display Name said...

Walker worked at IBM in "sales" starting in 1998 and ending in 1990, while he was attending Marquette, when he quit to go work for the Red Cross? That's the full extent of his resume's actual non-profit non-government work?

James Wigderson said...

For the record, I wasn't at the AFP Summit. Otherwise I'd a been the bestest.

Jay Bullock said...

So, wait. This kid is claiming that Walker's years telemarketing trump Neumann's starting an owning his own business since Walker was in short pants?

I'm no Neumann fan, but that's batshit-level crazy.

Display Name said...

There's always next year, James.

Unknown said...

um yeah, didn't Walker HIMSELF fail to complete post-secondary education?

illusory tenant said...

I was just kidding about that being the subject of Walker's speech ("speech" being loosely defined — it was more a random stringing together of the hoariest political clichés you've ever heard).