November 30, 2009

McIlheran embarrassment continues

No, no one can double-check the alarmists' data. They threw it out. Their work cannot be checked by others. — P. McIlheran
Too bad it ain't true (a.k.a., old news).

Does P. McIlheran actually get paid for this utter credulity?

Fortunately for the intrepid scientific expert P. McIlheran, all of his data are already collected in one place: the nut-right blogosphere.


Clutch said...

Fortunately, we know that just because someone repeatedly asserts a demonstrable falsehood doesn't mean you can say they're lying. It could be "empty head", after all!

illusory tenant said...

Unfortunately I'm getting used to news stories containing sentences beginning with, "Critics say," which sayings turn out to be attributed by the reporter to a "controversy on the blogosphere."