November 13, 2009

Yeah I don't think so

Thank you for purchasing "One" by Metallica*
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Raining Blood
h/t iTunes.

Giving Lars Ulrich money is hard enough to live down.

* eta: Okay, that was one of the worst songs I've ever heard in my life, not to mention it being about 5-1/2 minutes too long.
Jason Newsted's bass was purposely turned down on the album as a part of the continuous "hazing" he received, and his musical ideas were ignored.
Nice guys.
In 1989, Metallica received its first Grammy Award nomination for ... And Justice for All, in the new Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance Vocal or Instrument category. Metallica was the favorite to win; however, the award was given to Jethro Tull.
Well, alright then:

Songs From The Wood

Much better.


David Ziemer said...

I don't understand. Why wouldn't you get raining blood?

illusory tenant said...

As I've learned to trust your judgment, I'll check it out.