November 26, 2009

Suit alleges inappropriate truth-telling

A right-wing Washington D.C. "think tank"* wants to sue NASA scientist Gavin A. Schmidt for his Herculean undertakings at the website
Yes they’re planning to sue Schmidt for the "inappropriate behavior" of moderating comments at RealClimate. Of course, the point of this vexatious suit isn’t to win — it’s to harass and distract Schmidt because he is being effective.
Very, very effective.

This is a remarkable and fascinating story, and one has been able to witness, over the course of just a couple of days, the construction of a right-wing meme based entirely on falsehoods and ignorance.

Schmidt has been virtually instrumental in correcting the factual record and enlightening the ignorant. And now they want to punish him with a lawsuit: for telling the truth. Think-tank about that.

Read: Every factual assertion by the CEI fellow is false

* Whose benefactors include Milwaukee's own Bradley Foundation.


Rick Esenberg said...

They're not, near as I can tell, planning to sue Schmidt and they aren't suing for "inappropriate truth telling." They have provided preliminary notices for FOIA suits against NASA. That's quite a different matter, no?

illusory tenant said...

The CEI fellow who filed the notice of intent to sue claims Schmidt and are "implicated in the leaked files."

I didn't say Schmidt was to be sued for inappropriate truth telling; that was Tim Lambert in the indented quote.

I said, "Suit alleges inappropriate truth-telling," a reference to the fact that the CEI fellow is suggesting that Schmidt's moderating comments at RealClimate was performed inappropriately while on the government's dime.