November 30, 2009

By whose authority?

DATE: November 2009
TO: Lawyers admitted to the State Bar of Wisconsin in Odd-Numbered Years
RE: Wisconsin Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Requirements

7. Enter in the EPR [ethics and professional responsibility] Hours Attended.
By his authority? Why in the world should I be required to comply with the Supreme Court Rules when a member of the Supreme Court can't?

And if I fail to so comply, do you believe a panel of referees will recommend the complaint against me be dismissed? Not bloody likely.


Pete Gruett said...

Serena Williams should've hired James Bopp.

illusory tenant said...

Ha. Has the USTA no regard for "free speech"?

Anonymous said...

my cle requirement is satisfied thru an annual conference put on by my employer, which includes an ethics presentation to get the three credits. two years ago we had justice butler as a luncheon speaker. just before that on the agenda was a panel the included a representative of wmc. he didn't stay for lunch so that he could meet the man he was about to smear. i was afraid that with him speaking to us,we'd lose the ethics credits.

illusory tenant said...

Great story, thanks.