November 25, 2009

Fraud, yes, but denialist fraud

Further to this "Climategate" nonsense:
One of the e-mails is quite explicit:
I think the scientific fraud committed by Douglass needs to be exposed. His co-authors may be innocent bystanders, but I doubt it.
Fraud? Right there in front of everyone? In the climate debate?

In the end, the scientists in the discussion determined not to hold a press conference to announce a finding of fraud, but instead to hunker down and work on publishing datasets that would contradict the alleged fraudulent paper, and establish their case with data instead of invective and press conferences.
Not even a Tea Party.

Read: Smoking guns in the CRU e-mails.

Earlier: Lord McIlheran, Maven of Science.
"It sure looks like trying to fool the rubes — that is, us."
McIlheran's self-description is accurate, if nothing else.

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