November 9, 2009

Recall Gableman

Former Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reporter Steven Walters is today hinting darkly of a whispering campaign to recall Michael Gableman from the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

A recall petition would require gathering, within 60 days, the verified signatures of 540,425 Wisconsin electors, or 115,324 more people than actually pulled the lever for Gableman in the first place.

That seems unlikely, but it would certainly be a resounding mandate.

For those who have been following the motions for recusal filed against Michael Gableman, Art. XIII, §12 ¶(1) of the Wisconsin constitution further indicates — for purposes of recall, at least — that Gableman is an incumbent elective officer who represents the State.

I kind of figured that was what Mr. James Bopp, Esq. was getting at.

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