November 18, 2009

Personal offense getting harder to come by

Journal-Sentinel columnist insulted by roll of tin foil


Grant said...

I don't remember the details other than that I concluded it made no material difference to me... Still, I occasionally pay, purely for convenience's sake.

Kinda like how people settle for the local yokel's blather, recycled from musty John Tierney columns.

illusory tenant said...

I was in the Aldi at 27th and Greenfield once. That was enough.

Display Name said...

"We're told"? The royal "we" now? The packages are talking to him?

What's next? More analysis of other marketing tricks on a plethora of products? If you care for your kids, buy this cookie dough in a tube? The Magic Bullet can't improve my family relations and make a pizza in 90 seconds?

Or he discovers that many prices are higher in the downtown quickie mart than his suburban Pick 'n Save? That prices are higher in poor neighborhoods that only have quickie marts and that don't have a Pick 'n Save?

I would've been far more impressed if he was writing about the health-food labels on "organic mineral supplements".

illusory tenant said...

Hereafter all reference shall be to "alleged carbon-based life form Patrick McIlheran."