November 7, 2009

I didn't really want to say it

So I'll leave it to this letter to the editor:
Having recently read the ruling by the Wisconsin Supreme Court's four conservative justices regarding no recusal in cases involving their financial contributors, I now feel that it would be appropriate for those justices to give up their robes for NASCAR-type uniforms.

Of course, for our two most recently elected justices,* there wouldn't be many names on their uniforms but just three letters: WMC.

Tom Gilson
Contributors' impact is apparent, 11/04/09.

* Prior to the (third) reelection of Shirley Abrahamson, that is.

Incidentally, for all the nut-right handwringing over Obama's nomination of former Justice Louis Butler to the federal district court, it's rather astonishing that Wisconsinites keep returning the at-least-equally "radical" Chief Justice to the court, is it not.

Indeed, this past April, Abrahamson won 69 of the State's 72 counties despite joining in every single one of the handful of decisions conservatives continually raise against Butler. Conveniently, several million dollars worth of character assassination is carefully excluded from the calculus underlying the right's "theory" of radicalism.

Nary, either, a mention of what the Wisconsin Judicial Commission calls "lying" committed by Butler's politically ambitious opponent in service of ascending to his present seat on the State Supreme Court.

Yet Ed Whelan, John Fund, and the Washington Moonie Times's editorial board are considered by some to be competent and effective assessors of Wisconsin judicial politics and law. Gimme a break.

Locally we are pleasured by Charlie Sykes and Patrick McIlheran, but all you get from them is effluvia recycled from

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