February 4, 2009

Area GOP man basks in glory

The Chief finds it amusing that a local Republican functionary has been called up to facilitate the "transition" of incoming national GOP chairman Michael Steele. Emptying a desk drawer, presumably.

Meanwhile, Grumps takes note of Michael Steele's ridiculously fatuous hyperbole. In a related development, seasoned war correspondent Joe the Plumber offered his wise counsel to House GOP staffers as we witness the powerful Palin-Wurzelbacher 2012 ticket taking shape.

Over the weekend, Palin obsequiously stood in line to pal around with her fave terrorist paller-arounder at an elitist Washington function.


Display Name said...

Well, as Chuckles put it himself, having Prince Reibus leave town for a while is "good news both for Wisconsin.... and for conservatives."

illusory tenant said...