February 26, 2009

Hyperbole much?

Lest we're harboring any reservations over the dignified process through which this great State goes about selecting members to its highest appellate court, consider the following from the engorged stylus of one "Butch" Johnson, Koschnick man:
[Wisconsin Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson] is leading our entire legal system down a destructive path toward her revolutionary dream of a Supreme Court with unchecked power to re-create society in its own image.*
Cory Liebmann offers this official Randy Koschnick fundraising letter for your edification, which further invokes "violent criminals walking free" and "the quiet menace of tyranny lurking in the shadows."
The two-page missive also reveals Judge Koschnick's goal of scaring up** $100,000.00 (all major credit cards accepted) in ten days so he can bring his message — such as it is or may be — to the airwaves.

It's difficult to imagine anyone taking at all seriously this febrile apocalyptic drivel, least of all some of the otherwise respectable individuals whose names are marshaled along its left-hand margin.

I wonder whether they're even aware of its existence.

* While the Capitol tour guides can identify 187 separate European quarries as sources for the marble in the Rotunda, they studiously avoid drawing any attention to the flag of the Bolivian guerrilla resistance fluttering ominously from the Supreme Court rafters.

** Literally.


Display Name said...

I think Oral Roberts only needed $8 million "or God will call him home."

illusory tenant said...

MC 900 Ft. Jesus.