February 26, 2009

C. Sykes round-up

News of the nether Hominoidea:

What will Sykes howl about now?The Chief
An economic surrender monkeykrshorewood
They loved me, Charlie!Mike Plaisted

"Rick Esenberg says he's pretty annoyed at bloggers who deliberately twist the facts to try to make their opponents look stupid. We hear you, Rick." — David Haynes, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

"Substance of story: Catastrophic consequences of past eight years will be catastrophic. Boo Obama! Republicans have the answers — um, suddenly, mysteriously, ever since they've lost the ability to implement them — but Obama won't listen. Boo!" — Clutch


krshorewood said...

Hope we don't get accused of racsim.

krshorewood said...

Oopsie. Make that racism.