February 13, 2009

Foley fails to mention Foley

Associated Press reporter Ryan J. Foley gives a few reasons why Supreme Court justices probably shouldn't be subject to popular elections and then offers Jefferson County Circuit Judge Randy Koschnick's campaign person a free platform to complain that Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson is outraising his candidate by 56 to one:

Lawyers in malpractice case donate to Wis. justice

Here's my question (a two-parter [objection overruled]):

How come this journalist never once mentions the $25K attorneys for Foley & Lardner — the firm opposing Cannon & Dunphy in the lawsuit at issue — have spread around among the Supreme Court justices?

Are they to be measured by a different standard, or what?

What a tremendously biased piece of reporting.


Scot1and said...

Speaking of Foley, Koschnick apparently has one supporter at Wisconsin's largest firm:

Emory Ireland of Foley & Lardner donated $1,000.

illusory tenant said...

To Gableman also.

Dad29 said...

I dunno.

Why doesn't the Journal mention that Foley & Lardner lost a 7th/Appeals case in which they were accused of race-based harassment?

illusory tenant said...

I don't think the J-S even ran this story.