February 15, 2009

Right-wing blogger goes bananas

Here's some typically unintentional and low comedy from one of Wisconsin's "leading" (or so I'm told) right-wing bloggers.

Like many of Jefferson County Circuit Judge Randy Koschnick's most ardent political supporters, this one is apparently not well pleased by the fact that Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson's reelection committee has been outraising Koschnick's confederates by a ratio of 56 to one.

The right-wing blogger, it seems, is upset with a very misleading story that appeared in the AP the other day and is clearly troubled that every single justice on Wisconsin's popularly elected Supreme Court has benefited from campaign contributions, some of which come from — Blessed Saint Ivo of Kermartin forbid! — lawyers.

As explained here, here, and even here, the Associated Press report is a bit of a poorly conceived joke, albeit only slightly less of a joke than some of the outraged, self-satisfied reactions to it.

But the following reaction — and that would be reaction as in right-wing reactionary — merits a dishonorable mention award:
Blog commenter: Why didn't you point out that Abrahamson also received contributions from Foley & Lardner, who was on the losing side of the malpractice case?

Right-wing blogger: Because that was not in the AP article, and only adds to the bill against Abrahamson that she has no reservations to taking money from both sides. Shame on the AP for not reporting every aspect of her sordid fundraising.
sor•did adj 1 : marked by baseness or grossness : VILE 2 : DIRTY, SQUALID — The Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, 11th ed.

As fundraising by candidates for the Wisconsin judiciary is circumscribed by a number of State statutes, there's more than a little innuendo of impropriety, and even illegality, contained within the right-wing blogger's risible expression of petulance.

Mind you, this is the same right-wing blogger who claims to have "argued" that Chief Justice Abrahamson "invented" the law in State v. Knapp, despite her not having authored a single one of the four separate written opinions contained therein.

So consider the source, as they say. Its credibility = zero.


Scot1and said...

He’s hardly alone. You should see the guys at badger blogger.

But the good news is that I've been promoted to "Super Asshole"

krshorewood said...

She may have in the past, but when has the Chief Justice ever have to recuse herself versus the latest additions to the state bench?

Display Name said...

Available for "still just 50 cents" for those of you who don't know how to use the Internets.

illusory tenant said...

I've been promoted to "Super Asshole"

Keep up the good work!

James Wigderson said...

I would probably take these criticisms more seriously if you had the courtesy to link to the offending posts and columns. Or if you would disclose my past criticisms of your conduct.

But thanks for following my blog
and my columns.

Those wishing to read further can find my column every Thursday in the Waukesha Freeman. As always, I enjoy hearing feedback from my readers.

- james wigderson

illusory tenant said...

Click through the links. You were duly identified, although not in a manner that generated ad revenue and for that, my regrets. I don't follow your blog. It happened to produce a hit after a keyword search.

James Wigderson said...

Show some guts. If you're going to criticize what I wrote, link to it. Let your readers decide.

Linking to other posts you've written that also criticize me (without linking to me) is just blogging masturbation.

Emily said...

...blogging masturbation.

Pot, meet kettle.

illusory tenant said...

I promise to try harder next time, J.W. But all my readers are crazed, neo-Maoist community organizers and Satan worshipers, so they've already decided.

Display Name said...

Don't forget to order a few extra tubes of B&K's BlogLube™ for your next round of tagging, kids! You know the jingle! "Don't be a rube, rub it with BlogLube™!" *

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James Wigderson said...

Hey, as long as you know your audience. Are you sure they're only neo-Maoists? Could some of them be full-fledged Maoists?

Emily, stop it or you'll go blind.

illusory tenant said...

stop it or you'll go blind.

Hey, you're the one who couldn't find the link to his own name. You should have stopped awhile ago.