February 6, 2009

Lone activist judge overrules 70% of voters

Sick leave injunction granted — JSOnline.com

Not that it comes as any surprise (and nor will all the praise from conservative Republicans otherwise offended by judicial review).

Thus, no sick days for those sufferers of cognitive dissonance.


Rick Esenberg said...

Conservatives - at least most of them - are not offended by judicial review (although some decidedly non-conservatives like Mark Tushnet are) nor is it accurate to advocacy of judicial restraint or textualism or public meaning originalism to a simple principle of deference to the popular branches. The question is on what basis the injunction was sought and granted. Without knowing that, I can't say whether its correct or not. It probably has to do with whether a city has the authority to regulate wages and I haven't given it enough thought to have an opinion.

illusory tenant said...

Good book.

Anonymous said...

Just until a ruling on the issue is made. Sounds like a smart ruling to me.

illusory tenant said...

Me too. I agree MMAC's likelihood of success on the merits is strong.

My post is actually more of an admittedly facetious comment on the State Supreme Court election.

xoff said...

Also instructive about the seperation of powers and checks and balances in our government. As in, whatever the people want can be overruled by any branch at any time.