February 14, 2009

Inmate 00295417 praises defense bar

Cop killer endorses Wis. Supreme Court candidateAP
"Public defenders, such as Judge Koschnick was, are vital constituents to the political structure that is the buttress of American law and civilization," [convicted "cop killer" Theodore W.] Oswald wrote.
This is true. More:
Koschnick's defense of Oswald has become an issue in his race against Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson in the April 7 election. Some critics, including a popular radio host, have said the link makes him unelectable.
Those critics are extremely foolish, as is anyone who holds against Judge Koschnick his experience as a State public defender.

Even at that, the so-called "pro-criminal" rulings of the Wisconsin Supreme Court are useful arrows in the public defender's quiver.

I expect they often came in handy for then-SPD Koschnick as well.

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