February 15, 2009

Big Gay News with your host, Prof. McAdams

John McAdams, a celebrated professor of political science (yes, science) at Marquette University, divines the ugly truth about criminal penalty enhancers during his weekend perusal of Europe's largest gay news service. Penalty enhancers, avers Prof. McAdams, "target preaching what the Bible says about homosexuality." Gay fascism, quoth he.


Anonymous said...

Posted there earlier, but apparently by-passed for publication...


“Homophobic” here, of course, simply means “Christian.”

How impressive that you can legislate who is and isn't a True Christian, based on whether they share your gayanoia.

And "impressive" here, of course, simply means "tediously vapid".

The Phelps band of nutbars are quite perfectly convinced that they're persecuted simply because they're Christians, too. Can you think of any reasons other than the mere fact of their self-described religious denomination for a TV station not to carry their messages (e.g., that "God hates fags", and that American military casualties are God's punishment on a Big Gay Nation)?


Anyhow, after a quick look at McAdams' site, I can say that the screed to which you linked is by no means the weirdest of even the more recent posts.

The guy has completely flipped his lid; practically every post is just a blizzard of sweeping gibberish about the evils and stupidity of "liberals".

It really leads me to wonder whether anyone in the Marquette administration is worried about the optics of his thuggish, moronic prejudices. Are students supposed to get the feeling that they'd get a fair shake being identifiably "liberal", whatever that would amount to, (or feminist, or...) in McAdams' classes, when he is on record dozens of times over, saying that such people in general are dishonest, stupid, bigoted, etc?

I conjecture that he's a real embarrassment to his superiors (administrative superiors, I mean, rather than intellectual superiors; insert your own joke here). His paranoid and sweepingly general ravings must poison the atmosphere around him; yet he's plugged into the local Howler Brigade to the extent that any attempt to rein him in or discipline him would create martyrdom mania among the screechers.

What's not a matter of conjecture is that the guy's posts are frankly pathological. Check out the "Indoctrination at Marquette" post, for example, which at least has the redeeming virtue of entertainment, when fanboy commenter Gus earns the Broken Clock Award for Unintentional Correctness: "No offense to you, Dr. McAdams, but it is getting hard to take academia seriously anymore."

Anonymous said...

Update: JMc published the comment.

illusory tenant said...

any attempt to rein him in or discipline him would create martyrdom mania among the screechers.

You got that right (along with a number of other things).

Other Side said...

I thought the right was against tenure. I can't imagine there is any other reason that McAdams is retained.

illusory tenant said...

The next commenter says that the "gay agenda" has "forced [her] to work from the bottom up."