February 22, 2009

Koschnick ramps it down

Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Randy Koschnick would appear to be getting a little desperate for attention these days:
During a recent visit to the [Eau Claire, WI] Leader-Telegram, Koschnick called his opponent, incumbent Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson, a "liberal activist" who has used "intellectually dishonest" reasoning to write laws from the bench.
That's a pretty serious charge, especially coming from Judge Koschnick, who circulated a fundraising letter containing a brazen misrepresentation of the law. Then there are Judge Koschnick's own double standards, a hallmark of so-called intellectual dishonesty.

And Koschnick's omitting pertinent facts from his campaign palaver, a further and distinct such hallmark.

Consider an excerpt from Koschnick's "clean campaign pledge":
Highlights of the clean campaign pledge include:
• substantiating all claims made during the course of the campaign
So is this yet another double standard, or is Judge Koschnick planning on substantiating these latest charges of intellectual dishonesty? Good luck with that one. Although it would be fascinating to hear Koschnick's scholarly explication of equal protection scrutiny.

In his own words, not just quoting from some dissenting opinion.

Perhaps tellingly, Chief Justice Abrahamson has received the support of Judge Koschnick's own colleagues on the Jefferson County bench. There are only four judges in Jefferson County, and two of them are for the Chief. And one of those is less than pleased with Koschnick.

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Display Name said...

And the remaining judge is the one with whom he shares his office. More coffee, Randy?