February 27, 2009

Plumber won't say who should be shot

Coming soon to Milwaukee!!!

Joe the Plumber chats about beating and killing people he disagrees with at a conservative pow wow in Washington, D.C.:
Questioner — You have this great line I read in the paper the other day that if you were to go to Congress, you'd bash some heads in and I thought it was funny but ... could you just say, for example, who that would be?

[laughter, applause]

Joe the Plumber — Uh, pretty much just anybody that stood there and said something bad about our troops. Uh, pretty much anybody who stood there and uh, talked treasonous talk about America. Uh, back in the day if you stood there and ... aw you know what, I better not, I'll get in trouble.


Joe the Plumber — Yeah, no, anyways. No, back in the day, really. Uh, when, uh, people would talk about our military in a poor way, somebody would shoot 'em, and there'd be nothing said about that because they did what was wrong. You don't talk about our troops, you support our troops.
Joe the Plumber says he's speaking as "prior military." "Hey, thanks a lot for your service," effuses an admirer. It's unclear whether by that he meant installing a y-trap strainer or fighting in Kunar Province.

And don't forget, for a fee of only $36, Milwaukeeans can enjoy Joe's madcap hijinks on March 7 in the Midwest Airlines Center, where the articulate JTP will share the stage at 9:30 a.m. with Jefferson County Circuit Judge Randy Koschnick and other local Republican luminaries.

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Pete Gruett said...

Funny, I was just reading about Bob LaFollete's opposition to U.S. involvement in World War I.

Fighting Bob was certainly not universally beloved for that view but, if Wurzelbacher had wandered into the Senate chamber 90 years ago, LaFollete would probably have been less than impressed.

illusory tenant said...

Or Victor Berger.

capper said...

Uh, pretty much anybody who stood there and uh, talked treasonous talk about America.

Well, then, if he is to appear at that hootenanny, someone better warn Sykes, McIlheran, Harris, Belling, Rush, Dad29, Peter DiGaudio, Dooley, and all the rest of the Posse Comatose that Joe's gonna kick their butts.