June 24, 2008

On the local yokels

Some classic Plaisted here.

What I find amazing is how anybody in his right mind* could assert matter of factly and presumably with a straight face that "about 2,500 people rioted."

Although, I reckon even on a clear day it's tough to see all the way to 12th and Vliet from a basement in West Bend. Interesting!

Even better, though, is a contributor to the comments thread deriding Plaisted for raising issues of "racism," and then declaring, "Blacks en masse are always a recipe for trouble."

And I did learn that people who are a bit on the heavy side are not allowed to be hungry or get their hair done.

Good times.

* I take that back. It's precisely a "right mind" that would deliberately fabricate such an outlandish distortion. I also take back finding it amazing. I find it depressing.


capper said...

For a true sign of sick minds, one should read the commentary on Badger Blogger. One can imagine the commenters typing whilst wearing the white hood and robe.

For the record, I was an eye witness. I find myself much more terrified by the capitalists on the Friday after Thanksgiving at any given electronics, toy, and/or department store. Much more violent at those events, which of course, or not met with anywhere the near same type of vitriol.

Good thing that the right wing is around to remind us that there is no racism in the good old US of A. Otherwise, it would be too simple to look at the facts and come to other conclusions.

Anonymous said...

one should read the commentary on Badger Blogger

Oh my. To borrow and bend Lord Byron, “The dew of compassionate conservatism leaves a wet spot on the front of one's khakis.”

Anonymous said...

Look at the facts? You don't know your political biology. Avoiding the facts is what the semi-permeable Prevarication Layers surrounding the rightoplasm is for.

Exposed to a harsh environment constituted out of, uh, reality, the rightoplasm is easily damaged. In order to protect this delicate tissue, a graduated barrier grows up around the rightoplasm. The outermost layer, the cell lamebrane, is thin but tough: it detects environmental information, reverses its polarity, and passes the results through to the thick, sluggish matter lining its internal surfaces. This second layer, the lietoplasm, is itself completely insensitive to external information, but is highly chemically excitable when stimulated by the reversed product passed onto it by the cell lamebrane. Its hyperactive responses serve to distribute the anti-information throughout the internal structures of the rightoplasm.

So, for example, information about a riot, or an Obama speech, exists in the external environment. Elements of the cell lamebrane, like James Harris or Thomas Lifson, process this information by reversing it into anti-information. Then the normally thick, sluggish lietoplasm, constituted out of such elements as Patrick McIlheran and John McAdams, becomes highly excited by the anti-information while remaining impervious to the environment itself, and hyperactively distributes this oily predigested matter throughout the tender and easily damaged rightoplasm, which in turn finds it nourishing.

So when you talk about "looking at the facts", I'm afraid you're contemplating the breakdown of a complex organism. Irreducibly complex, even! There must have been a Designer...