June 22, 2008

Certifiable, not certified

Other findings show that Freshwater taught that carbon dating was unreliable to argue against evolution.
That's not the clearest sentence right there. What the reporter meant to say is that John Freshwater "argued" against evolution by attempting to point at the unreliability of carbon dating.

But, that's true enough. Radiocarbon dating is useful only to determine the age of organic materials within the last few thousand years so it is an unreliable method of attacking evolution, which has been going on for much longer than the half life of carbon-14.

Of course that doesn't stop creationist nuts from using it anyways.

Here's the worst bit: science is all this guy knows:
A former superintendent said he tried to find another position for Freshwater but couldn't because he was certified only in science [sic].
Much more.

Coach Dave "Teach the Controversy" Daubenmire sez:
Minutemen United are individuals committed to furthering the cause of Christ through non-violent means.
Thanks for clearing that up, Coach.

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