June 12, 2008

Kozinski pr0n update

The tireless Howard Bashman has some more scoopage on Ninth Circuit Chief Judge Alex Kozinski's alleged porn stash here.

Bashman divulges the contents of e-mails he received early this morning from Cyrus Sanai, a Los Angeles attorney who's apparently got a (donkey) bone or three to pick with Judge Kozinski. Sanai downloaded material from Kozinski's site last Christmas Eve(!) and sent copies of a CD loaded with it to several newspapers in February.

But the story just "broke" yesterday, on the second day of an obscenity trial that Kozinski is conducting in LA. Mr. Sanai reveals:
The naked guy cavorting with the donkey is something I do not have and I don't think was on the web site on December 24, 2007.
The cavorting donkey, according to other reports, is depicted in a state of tumescent sexual arousal.

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