June 29, 2008

No prayer for you

It's "not possible" to mention lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered humans as the object of prayers on church property, sez the Archdiocese of St. Paul & Minneapolis.

Not possible? To simply say those words is "really inimical to the teachings of the Catholic church." Which themselves are really inimical to the teachings of Jesus, apparently.

On the other hand:
Hundreds of dogs, many dressed as babies or clowns, were taken to celebrate mass in this Nicaraguan town on Sunday, an annual ritual where the owners pray for their pets to be cured or avoid falling ill.
Dogs dressed as clowns entitled to entire Mass.


capper said...

Does this mean no prayers for priests then? And how does it affect it when a gay priest says a prayer? Struck by lightning, perhaps, but I would've thought that might've made the news somewheres.

illusory tenant said...

Those may be mentionable on easements. Please consult a licensed MLS theologian.

Anonymous said...

We had the Blessing of the Pets in Bay View last year. Pet owners lined up in the parking lot of a Catholic Church and a priest splashed holy water on each animal. I can't remember what he said to the animals - go forth and multiply or something.

Display Name said...

Again with the anti-kitten bias!