June 12, 2008

A bucket of warm exorcism

No way am I forking over a dollar-fitty to read about Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's wacky hobgoblin-chasing escapades.

There's enough of that about for free.

Fortunately, TPM has a few madcap excerpts here. Why otherwise intelligent people buy into these creepy fairy tales, I have no idea.

I did see Charlie Louvin at the Pabst Theater last year, though.

Still, Bobby Jindal would be an improvement on the current president of the Senate (which isn't saying much) with the added ability of casting out liberal Demoncrats from the chamber of sober second thought. Dick Cheney can only tell them to go fuck themselves.

h/t Pundit Nation.


Tom said...

PZ Myers blogged on this today as well. This paper written by Jindal was written 14 years ago. Old news, no?

illusory tenant said...

Yeah, I just wanted an excuse to link to Satan Is Real by the Louvin Brothers and the actual screams from hell website.

Tom said...


illusory tenant said...

Seriously, Charlie Louvin opened for Lucinda Williams here last year, and I didn't realize who he was (that Satan Is Real album cover is pretty famous and I'd seen it many times).

He was singing a song called, "It's Good To Be Christian" or something like that, and I was laughing out loud at the lyrics -- I thought it was a parody (I'm sure I'm destined for hottest part of Hell).

Tom said...

You know, sometimes you can't make this shit up. At any rate, if you get there first ... save me a seat.