June 11, 2008

More conservative WI-blog funnies

Laugh-out-loud of the day:

Alex Kozinski is "an extremely liberal judge."

Actually Judge Kozinski is a former counsel to the Reagan administration, appointed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals by St. Ronnie himself, and was considered by the present administration to replace either William Rehnquist or Sandra Day O'Connor.

That's how "extremely liberal" Judge Kozinski is.

Apparently the right-nut contingent's perpetual paroxysms are having paroxysms of their own because Judge Kozinski — or somebody — uploaded to his personal web domain what sounds suspiciously like evidence from an obscenity trial over which Kozinski is currently presiding (and has since been suspended).

Howard Bashman, as usual, is on the case.


Anonymous said...

Welcome once again to Spot the Looney. On our panel this evening: Gurt Svensson, the Swedish mammal abuser and part-time radiator.

I vunder where that chain of association might lead...

illusory tenant said...

Spot the Looney.

What, I only get to pick one?

Anonymous said...

"Yes? Quite right... A viewer from Preston there who's pointed out correctly that the entire panel are loonies. Five points to Preston there, and on to our first piece of film. It's about mountaineering."