June 25, 2008

Scalia & Co. affirm Louis Butler

Hot off the press:
We decline to approve an exception to the Confrontation Clause unheard of at the time of the founding or for 200
years thereafter.
Giles v. California (.pdf; 58 pgs.).

Mark D. Jensen's defense motions should be hitting the Kenosha County clerk of courts' counter right about ... now.

It wasn't hard to predict.* Congratulations to Justice Butler on an impressive and impressively affirmed exercise in constitutional law.

* Maybe for some.


Anonymous said...

How sad. The "Jensen Ad" seems to have been the most effective ad against Justice Butler (unscientifically gauged by the amount of explanation I offered to friends and acquaintances that kept asking about it), yet the chips fell exactly where predicted by those in the know. I wonder if WMC will run a retraction. I'd hold my breath, but I'm not terribly in favor of panic induced unconsciousness.

Zach W. said...

Those damn conservative activist judges!

Anonymous said...

i'm waiting for sykes and belling to rant about loophole anton, loophole clarence, loophole johnny and loophole sammy.

Anonymous said...

It's not like conservatives in this state (or any other, for that matter) claim to understand the legal proceses. If the powers of discernment exist, they lay only in the ability to tell the difference between D and R.