June 13, 2008

American Presents! John McAdams

John "Perfesser" McAdams's appearance is part of a yearlong series of comedy blog posts which American TV co-sponsors with Marquette University and 620 AM WTMJ.
Obama May Prosecute Bush Administration For War Crimes

And don't you dare attempt to question McAdams's delusions, lest he personally diagnoses you with "Bush Derangement Syndrome," always a compelling rebuttal. This guy is an actual university professor.

Hard to believe.


Anonymous said...

It's funny but painful to witness someone so stultified that he can only answer with a handful of wingnut clichés. What you wrote doesn't fit the cliché du jour? No problem - he'll just pretend it did!

After 9 comments in which exactly zero posters attack Bush (besides one who mentions that Bush has not really investigated his own administration), McAdams burbles:

"Tell ya what, Bush bashers..."

Gosh, with keen analytic skills like that, it's surprising that McAdams still has to list a handful of journal articles from the early 1980s as his research on the Marquette PoliSci webpage.

illusory tenant said...

Thank god I got my undergrad degree at UWM.