June 16, 2008

A bill for Bobby Jindal

Louisiana's SB 733 (.pdf; 3 pgs.).
If the bill passes the Senate, it is uncertain how Governor Jindal will respond.
I think we have a pretty good idea how.

The Discovery Institute creationists to the rescue:
Critics have smeared the bill by falsely claiming the law would allow the teaching of creationism or other religious beliefs, when doing so is in fact forbidden by the act.
Well of course it allows the teaching of creationism. That's the whole point. The danger, however, is that a course in critical thinking, which SB 733 purports to foster, would have its graduates collapsing in mirth at just about every press release the mealymouthed Discovery Institute "fellows"* ever issued.

But at least they admit their version of creationism is a religious belief also. How about a terrorist fist jab for the DI.

* Even the women are fellows, which doesn't say much for their expertise in biology.

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