June 12, 2008

Young GOP Drama Queen

Lust Claims Another Career

Good grief. I understand that there are a lot of Republican perverts out there, but surely one who has a ridiculous video of a pantsless man getting chased around by a donkey with a boner* can't be said to be motivated by lust. And Alex Kozinski isn't going anywhere.

* Search term guaranteed to produce a dozen Google hits tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

At least he's a "prominent conservative jurist" rather than "an extremely liberal judge".

William Tyroler said...

Some much-needed perspective on the Kozinski incident, here.

If the idea is that Kozinski nonetheless is somehow hoist by his own petard, then I'd simply say I'm not quite sure it's fair to label him a "conservative jurist." More generally, I'm not sure it's helpful to assign any label, because then we tend to react to the label rather than the specifics -- as appears to be the case with Kozinski. But more particularly, if I did have to give him any label at all, albeit reluctantly, it would probably be "libertarian." Take, for one of a number of possible examples, his dissenting vote in U.S. v. Kincade, cataloging the dangers of compiling "a comprehensive national database" containing DNA extracted from federal offenders. Another quick example, off the top of my head: Goldyn v. Hayes, granting federal habeas relief against a Nevada check-writing conviction -- not the sort of decision written by reflexively "conservative" judges (not, at least, as stereotyped).

Anonymous said...

* ?
Who wouldn't click on it?

Anonymous said...

it would probably be "libertarian."

You don't have to love Jeebus to be conservative. Henry Billings Brown was a glibertarian. The Four Horsemen were glibertarians. Barry UFO Goldwater was a glibertarian. Glenn Reynolds is a glibertarian.

illusory tenant said...

Thank you, Mr. Tyroler, for the link. Those are pretty much my thoughts exactly (I've been too lazy/disinterested/otherwise occupied to write much lately).

The "uproar" over this incident is truly absurd. It seems to me people that get their panties in a bunch over things like this have never left their homes, never gone to work, never met any actual human beings, many of whom often find crude things funny.

So what.

There's nothing in the least bit "pornographic" or even "obscene" (a term of art) about, for example, the donkey video.

And I agree the liberal vs. conservative labels are often extremely misleading. I generally use them out of convenience or facetiousness.

The person who referred to Kozinski as "extremely liberal" did so simply because he sits on the 9th Circuit, and you know the mythology that's spun about that court.

And, I can't resist adding, those are the sorts of mentalities and reasoning that elect judges to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.