February 10, 2011

Wisconsin Supreme Court: As I was saying

It was highly irresponsible for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel to have portrayed Supreme Court candidates Marla Stephens and JoAnne Kloppenburg as parties to the inflammatory denunciations of Justice Michael Gableman articulated by a third candidate, Joel Winnig.

There are impressionable, easily duped minds among us who swallowed the Journal-Sentinel's negligently misleading headline hook, line, and sinker including — not at all surprisingly — top Wisconsin conservative blogger Boots (or is he Sabers?) who refers to all three Supreme Court challengers collectively as "jokers" and "tools" that all collectively put forth "stupid and irresponsible BS."*

Both Kloppenburg and Stephens have raised the Gableman case in a legitimate and substantive manner, and the ongoing controversy is relevant because the incumbent Justice David Prosser joined an opinion (or "writing," as it has come to be known) exonerating Gableman from any wrongdoing based on an arguably misguided take on the relationship between the First Amendment and accepted principles of ethical conduct among members of the judiciary.

Winnig's comments on the other hand are easily distinguishable, whereas Stephens's and Kloppenburg's disagreements with the "writing" are no different than might be their views of any other prior decision of the court. The Journal-Sentinel should in fairness clarify these distinctions, if only for the benefit of the impressionable right.

* I assume that stands for "bullshit" and not "Boots & Sabers."


Heraldblog said...

What's the Journal-Sentinel? Never heard of it.

illusory tenant said...

I should probably aspire to your wisdom.