February 16, 2011

Charlie Sykes, he's Milwaukee's creddible source

Tweets the medium wave wing-nut and self-styled education expert:

In fact Charlie Sykes's "professor" is a UWM student teaching assistant who moved a Monday session from the classroom to a rally — on campus beside the library* — protesting against the governor's plan to repeal the collective bargaining rights of State employees.
In relation to our course's examination of questions of class, economics, and the university, and our reading about alternative research strategies and writing forms, we will use the rally as a learning experience for our course.
Scandalous. And the pressure: unbearable.

The TA also tendered a full disclosure to the class as to why and how his own personal situation would be affected by the governor's action.

Rumor has it there are people who take Charlie Sykes seriously. At Sykes's Journal Communications, Inc. website, Sykes disciples mocked the TA for mixing up "effect" and "affect," but nary a mention of the so-called blogfather's frequent spelling challenges.

* Spaights Plaza is at most a three-minute walk from anywhere.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Sykes, as the "adult", is afraid that the "children" will experience democracy in the raw.

concerned citizen--JSONLINE blogger

illusory tenant said...

Bet his wighat is spinning today.