February 24, 2011

Scott Walker "considered creating safety risks"

That's how Madison's chief of police sees it. Walker spokesman Cullen Werwie blows the chief off, despite Governor Walker's concerns over insinuating wing-nut agents provocateur into peaceful protests being not ones of public safety, but of covering his own political backside.

Also, here are Scott Walker's touching professions of ignorance to Appleton, WI's Greta Van Susteren, late of the Fox News Network.

eta: Madison mayor "furious"

Flashback: Fake Sarkozy calls Palin.


Anonymous said...

time to break out the nixon tapes and make comparisons.

Anonymous said...

Kingdom politics and tactics will not prevail.

Walker should set up republic round table this country is foundec on.

Dems stay in I'll until brown shirts are no longer threat to freedom of speech.

grumps said...

Does Wisconsin have a statute that prohibits conspiracy to incite (or commit)...whatever?

illusory tenant said...

Absolutely, but the intentional commission of some other crime has to be the object of the conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

We have been victimized to keep silent. WE ARE Repubkicans that fight for wnat is right. We do not want facism or socialism, which are the two likely outcomes, one of which will prevail if this battle grows.

Our freedom of speech has been threatened and we think we may have to hide.

We believe what has happened to us will outrage people on all sides.

Other Side said...

Really? Anony ... that's just plain weird.