February 21, 2011

The only thing we have to fear is Walker's BS

MADISON (AP) — Gov. Scott Walker says he plans a live "fireside chat" with Wisconsin residents on Tuesday night.
There is a bogus Heritage Foundation/Americans For Prosperity/Koch Industries talking point making the rounds at the moment, and Scott Walker simply means to insult your intelligence by repeating it.

FDR was not opposed to the state entering into collective bargaining agreements with its employees. He — like every other rational political actor — warned against "militant tactics" endangering essential state services. By militant tactics he meant strikes and no matter how many times Scott Walker's enablers* lie about it, nobody went on strike last week, and nobody went on strike today.

* Whose ranks are dwindling, according to some very recent polls.

eta: Golly, who could have seen that coming.


Anonymous said...

No, he was just boringly stupid tonight. Pretty much a waste of time for everyone.

Did Glenn Grothman forget that he is far smarter and more educated than Walker? I have lots of reasons to dislike Grothman, but until now, lapdog would never have been one that would have crossed my mind.

Glenn, speak up against your governor's stupidity. Do you really want to hand over complete control to Walker?

Heraldblog said...

WTMJ interviewed the prank caller and called him a liar for misidentifying himself when he called Walker's office. Meanwhile, Walker's lies are somehow excused as unique interpretations of reality. Note to WTMJ: If you did your job, we wouldn't need gonzo journalists.

illusory tenant said...

I wonder if they call undercover police posing as 13-year-olds online liars.