February 24, 2011

Wisconsin: Must be a slow crime day

MADISON (AP) — Wisconsin State patrol officers are being dispatched to the homes of several missing Democratic State senators in the hopes that it will spur some of the lawmakers to come back in session to break an impasse on a budget bill.
The senators are not home. What purpose does intimidating their families serve? And Republicans keep telling us about union "thugs."

The Wisconsin State Journal's Mary Spicuzza reports that the Democratic senators' homes are to be placed under surveillance.

"We're trying about four or five different angles." — Governor Scott Walker, nattering for 20 minutes to a crank caller on Tuesday.

"[I]t's not clear to me that they can't be arrested."
— Right-wing darling professor of law Rick Esenberg


Anonymous said...

I think Prof Esenberg is much smarter then his comment to arrest people

illusory tenant said...

It's rabble-rousing.