February 26, 2011

In Wisconsin, collateral ire for Justice Prosser

Another 100K demonstrators gathered at the Capitol in Madison this afternoon (while Fox "News" re-aired a Fox "documentary" about the Tea Party — seriously). The first opportunity Wisconsinites have to express their displeasure at the polls will be on April 5, when conservative Supreme Court Justice David Prosser faces re-election. At left is part of the photo illustrating the local daily's lead story.

Earlier this month, the Koch Industries-funded Club For Growth ran TV ads in support of Justice Prosser, whose campaign had pledged in a press release to "protect the conservative judicial majority" and to act as a "common sense complement" to both the recently installed Republican administration and the Republican-controlled legislature.

Justice Prosser later told WPT's Frederica Freyberg he "never saw" his own press release, and that he "wouldn't have written it that way."

Prosser faces Assistant AG JoAnne Kloppenburg on April 5.

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Dan Eastwood said...

Well then he'd better start re-writing, fast!

Pyrrho said...

Interesting fact: Justice Prosser has a quote on his website praising his efforts, while Speaker of the Assembly, to extend collective bargaining rights to Public Defenders: http://www.justiceprosser.com/index.php/what-others-are-saying