February 10, 2011

Charlie Sykes: Justice Prosser is a political phony

"Follow the logic."— Ancient WISGOP saying
Stephens has gone out of her way to define herself as the "open-minded" candidate . . . Her self-proclaimed "open mind" and "unbiased" approach ring hollow when viewed in the larger context of her actions. — Thus sayeth "a new group in town"
Here's our medium wave squawker calling Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Marla Stephens "a political phony" because "a new group in town" has brought some really serious charges of hypocrisy! "Good catch," enthuses the local wing-nut "blogfather." Let's examine the record, before the EPA adds Sykes to its schedule of air pollutants.*

Hypocrisy, Count I:
Stephens released the names of thirteen former and current state legislators who have endorsed her campaign. All are Democrats including Joe Wineke, former Chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party.
It's a pity neither Charlie Sykes nor his "new group in town" checked Justice David Prosser's own website, which lists endorsements from dozens (75 to be exact) of elected officials. Every single one of them is a Republican (including some real dandies, like Glenn Grothman).

Plus two former executive branch officials — one is the ridiculously partisan operative Margaret Farrow — both of whom are Republicans.

Verdict: Prosser FTW.

Hypocrisy, Count II:
Since 1999, Stephens has contributed $2,875 to Wisconsin political campaigns. All of Stephens' contributions have been to Democratic and liberal candidates.
In fact only $1,725 of that, in increments no larger than $100, was to candidates running for partisan offices. Meanwhile Justice Prosser was donating $3,150 to "Republican and conservative candidates."**

Verdict: Prosser FTW.

Hypocrisy, Count III:
She describes herself as "a member of the Democratic party, on and off, throughout [her] life."
She did say that, but she wasn't "describing herself" as such, she was responding to Frederica Freyberg's direct question, "What is your [political affiliation]." That phony hypocrite! — answering truthfully.

Yet only days later, Justice Prosser told the same interviewer:
Well, let me say this. I have the most partisan background of any member of the court.
And indeed Justice Prosser was positively advancing this self-description of his own volition, as his averment was in response to Ms. Freyberg's inquiry, "What is your judicial philosophy."

What he meant was he was not only a member of the Republican Party, he was a Republican legislator in the Wisconsin State Assembly for 18 years, including six as minority leader and two as speaker.

Moreover, exactly as fits Charlie Sykes & Co.'s groundless allegations of "political phoniness" and hypocrisy against Atty. Stephens, Justice Prosser went on to disassociate himself from those former political affiliations for the purposes of fair and impartial judging.

And rightly so, to the equal credit of both candidates.

Therefore those affirmations of impartiality made by both Justice Prosser and Atty. Stephens are identical, the only difference being Prosser having raised the issue without being urged to do so.

"Gone out of his way," to coin a phrase.

Verdict: Prosser FTW.

Media Trackers is a Wisconsin-based organization dedicated to media accountability, government transparency, and quality fact-based journalism.
Not quite. Rather, this "new group in town" is dedicated to laughable, painfully amateurish drek. Which is right up Charlie Sykes's alley.

It's abundantly clear who's pushing the dishonesty around here.

* a.k.a. the Fairness Doctrine.

** He also gave $500 to Shirley Abrahamson, which anybody who witnessed his fingerpointing mini-tirade toward the Chief Justice at last week's open administrative hearing might imagine he regrets.

Three more contributions totaling $650 were dispensed throughout 1997 and 1998 to former Republican Governor Tommy Thompson. Thompson appointed Prosser to the Supreme Court in late 1998.

The source for these figures is the same one as Sykes's "good catch."


KathleenKMM said...

I love that his website brags about his law clerks endorsing him. Wow, endorsing your boss! What a shock!

Unknown said...

You seemed to omit Pat Lucey, a former democratic governor and Prosser campaign co-chair, as one of his executive branch endorsements.

illusory tenant said...

It wasn't there two hours ago.

Anonymous said...

Pat Lucey has been there from day one.

Anonymous said...

Pat Lucey...GONE!!!!!



Anonymous said...

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