February 8, 2011

Ron Johnson: Let us honor Reagan's principals

Presumably not Admiral Poindexter and Colonel North

Gushes Wisconsin's freshly minted U.S. Senator Ron Johnson:
We will serve [Ronald Reagan's] legacy well by remembering this history, and honoring the principals that defined him as one of our nation's finest leaders.
Part of that history, according to U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, involved "facing incredibly high interest rates," and "recogniz[ing] that government was not the solution, but a major part of the problem. So he set out to limit the size of government."

It's funny because Ron Johnson appears to have forgotten that his own solution to high interest rates was borrowing millions of dollars at several points below market,* a convenience that just happens to have been facilitated by all three levels of government — federal, State, and municipal — in the form of industrial revenue bonds.

And, when Johnson learned that some businesses in Vermont had availed themselves of precisely the same mechanism, he criticized them in a campaign flyer attacking Russ Feingold who, for all his alleged faults, knew the difference between principals and principles.

Senator Feingold actually both possessed and adhered to the latter, in stark contrast to the current incumbent's situational hypocrisy.

Johnson ran as a "citizen legislator" against "career politicians" (like Scott Walker and F. James Sensenbrenner), yet it's only taken him a few weeks to behave exactly as the hypocrites he claimed to oppose.

Quick study, indeed.

* You know, the "free" one.


Pete Gruett said...

If only my Catholic grade school principal, Sister Betty Ann, had also explained to Ron Johnson, "The principal is your pal."

krshorewood said...

...but these principles are not.

Heraldblog said...

Johnson in today's WSJ op-ed:

Compared to the U.S., breast cancer mortality is 9% higher in Canada (according to the government statistics of each country), 52% higher in Germany and 88% higher in the United Kingdom (according to studies published in Lancet Oncology). Prostate cancer mortality is 604% higher in Britain.

This is a bullshit apples and oranges comparison that was debunked in Nov., 2009, when it first surfaced as a far-right talking point.